Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Well, Michelle

I got a slight reprieve in the workload this week, so I enjoyed some outdoor time with the girls. That means chalk drawings, of course, so I started on a bird inspired by a doodle I did during choir practice.

Halfway through, I thought I'd dedicate the piece to a good friend on our street who is struggling with some difficult health issues.

Get well, Michelle, and pay us a visit whenever you need cheering up!


Paula Pindroh said...

These are soo much fun!

I love seeing your girls in the photos... what a cool idea!

Great drawings... I met you years and years ago when I worked with Misha on Gilbert, and Christina Wald introduced me to the figure drawing group you all were going to on Coach Street. (PS: I heard that group is no longer, but do you know of any other similar groups? That was fun!)


Chuck said...

Thanks, Paula! And yes, I do remember —you were really into 3D/Clay illustration (love your blog and the P logo, BTW.)

The drawing sessions on Court St. stopped, but there are lots of places to draw from a live model. I'd check out The Cincinnati Art Club or Manifest Studios, which is where I draw on Tuesdays whenever I can find the time. Here's a link:
Good luck!

Oliver said...

love this one! i need a print of it too for the nursery : )

Chuck said...

Aak! Sorry Oliver! Somehow I missed your comment notification.

I'll have to print you one —or grant you a request for waiting two years for a reply! How are the kids?