Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colored Chalk on Black Ground

We don't own a lot of camping equipment, so when the weather is nice, I take the girls outside and we put colored chalk to our blacktop driveway. With all due respect to its weather-proofing properties, there is no better reason than chalk-art to keep the drive well dressed in Brewer-Cote. Seventy bucks worth of black slurry will get you a sprawling velvety substrate —black enough for a matador and rich enough for the King himself. Within a half-hour, the three of us will get the drive pretty-well covered with drawings, typography and colorful hopscotch designs.
Here is an example or two of instances when I got a bit carried away:

Please take special note of the white marks directly below the Mazda's tailpipe. This is Lily's "bear" and she's quite proud of it.

I habitually take requests from the girls. This is safe because I know Carol will always ask for King Kong. This particular version lasted a day before a thunderstorm censored me. The name is already fading.

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