Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lily turns 4!

Lily turned four last month, so I did this one to commemorate the event. Lily requested a flamingo and Carol asked for the cat.
For the first time I sketched the piece first to give me a head start. Even so, it took some time and tried the girls' patience.
I worked on the flamingo and candles first and obviously ran out of steam when it came to the cat and cake. I fully intended to revisit it, but a downpour paid a visit first.


Mark Kargl said...

Chuck -

Kathy just forwarded this link to me. Great work! Your girls are lucky to have such talented driveway artist. Hope to see more photos in the future.

Mark Kargl

Chuck said...

Thanks, Mark! With the weather getting better, I hope to add some more pictures soon.